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manta ray deepsea necklace


Go diving wearing Manta Ray deepsea necklace.
Get connected to the ocean creatures shapes viewing and touching
RopeSea big Silver or gold plated brass handmade Manta Ray.
Enjoy RopeSea family ikon Mata Ray in any activity such as diving, kite surfing, sailing, running etc.
Gold 14K |18K Manta Rays are available to order.
It is a unique touching gift for ocean lovers.

Limited edition.
Each RopeSea big Manta Ray deep sea necklace nautical jewelry is handmade, variant and unique piece of art.

Ocean lovers & Sea activities community are enjoying wearing RopeSea manta ray deepsea necklace.
RopeSea is using handmade sculpting techniques in creating Manta Ray deep sea necklace.
RopeSea is sculpting the Manta Ray pendant in massive sterling silver (925) and also setting it with marine Kevlar recycled kite surfing rope.
We are mounting the manta ray using marine tying knots in order to change the length by sliding the knots.
In addition we can create the pendant in Gold plated brass (14k | 18K ) using red or yellow color to your order.
Therefore please contact RopeSea concerning your golden plating type and color.
RopeSea is inspired of the deep ocean creatures and its amazing motion. Read more about Manta Ray ocean life.
Our big manta ray marine jewelry is a great divers, surfers, sailors present or ocean lovers gift.

Limited edition.
Ungendered & ageless unique nautical jewelry.
RopeSea Manta Ray deepsea necklace nautical jewelry may slightly vary from the photograph you see.
• RopeSea creates its products to order.
• Please allow 7-14 business days for production time to each product.
Photography.  Kite surfer. Bar Wolf ©| Wave surfer. Sharon Zeituni ©







lenght 44mm X 36mm X maximum thickness 4mm

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