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marine 2b-shackle bracelet


Get connected to marine style wearing RopeSea bracelets jewelry. Ocean Shackles connections. Attractive ungendered maritime chick jewelry.
RopeSea Nautical jewelry Barrel Shackle bracelet is our unique and original creative idea.

Marine 2b-shackle bracelet is made of  brass swivel barrels and stainless steel shackles.

Limited edition. Please find your bracelet size instructions below.
Each RopeSea marine 2b-shackle bracelet Nautical jewelry is variant and unique piece of art.

RopeSea marine 2b-shackle bracelet jewelry bracelet is part of bracelets verity collection which are varied from each other. It can stay on your hand for ever, while doing any activity such as swimming, diving, water sport, sailing activities etc.
The barrels may change their color by the time to brass according of using it, personal skin breath, soap etc.
It will get the metal time beauty effect.

• Find your right fit using the chain bracelet size guide
• Please measure your personal Circumference wrist length by wrapping it in soft measure tape or string and measure its length using a ruler.
• Please send your Circumference length in mm | cm, indicating your order no. to:
RopeSea marine 2b-shackle bracelet may vary from the photograph you see.
Limited edition & sizes – watch instructions about your size in additional information.
• RopeSea creates its products to order.
Please allow 7-14 business days for production time to each product.


Wrist scope length

Please provide your personal wrist scope length
connecting RopeSea:
attached with your purchase details.

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